Tyler Perry Says "Black Panther" Was Shot At His Studio

If you’re still planning to move to Wakanda, you won’t have to go far since it’s in Atlanta. Tyler Perry revealed “Black Panther” was shot at his studio in Georgia.

The mogul shared the news on The ‘Gram in honor of Black History Month and to celebrate the film huge success. Tyler posted an image of his compound with the caption, “Welcome to Wakanda! You wanna talk about Black History! These are the new stages at Tyler Perry Studios. And guess what the first film to shoot on one of the stages was?!”

Several locations around ATL was home to “Black Panther,” including the High Museum and the rock quarry at the Vulcan Materials Co. in Stockbridge, GA.

Little known black history fact, I'm also from ATL which basically makes me Wakandan. 🙅🏿

Source: AJC